Moving during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t ideal. However, you may not have an option. If your rent agreement has come to an end or you’ve sold and bought a new home already, you must move during these testing times. Fortunately, moving services are deemed essential and are available to help you out. The Quick Inc. provides affordable and reliable residential and commercial moving services in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

We helped many clients move in the past few months. We’d like to share some valuable tips for making a successful move during the COVID-19 pandemic to help you with the move process as you navigate this unchartered territory:

Simplify the vetting process

Choosing the right moving company can make your move hassle-free. However, interacting with different service providers during COVID-19 isn’t the best idea. We recommend getting a quote over the phone to finalize the moving company.

At Quick Moving Inc., we provide upfront pricing over the phone to ensure social distancing.

Pick the right moving company

Hire an experienced moving company with experienced professionals. Make sure they follow the COVID-19 guidelines. The staff should follow social distancing, wear masks, and use hand sanitizer regularly as per the safety guidelines.

At Quick Moving Inc., we check the staff for symptoms and enforce health and safety measures.

Declutter your home

Decluttering your home before the move is very important, especially during COVID-19. Give away the items that you no longer need to charities. You’ll give back to the community and have less stuff to worry about.

At Quick Moving Inc., we offer specialized packaging services to help declutter your home. 

Clean, disinfect, and sanitize

Keep your home clean. Disinfect and sanitize all the surfaces that come into contact regularly. This way, you can rest assured that your new space will remain free from the COVID-19. You can also put some of the stuff in storage to make the move more convenient.

At Quick Moving Inc., we offer reliable storage solutions at a great price.

Full-service moving

In light of the pandemic, you want fewer people coming to your new home. Hiring a full-service moving company means the same professionals will pack, transport, and unpack your belongings. You can also take advantage of their assembly and disassembly service to avoid hiring another contractor to reassemble your furniture items. It will save you time, money and ensure your move during the pandemic goes smoothly.

At Quick Moving Inc., we provide full-service moving solutions, including reassembly services.

Get a free moving quote

Are you looking for professional movers to making a successful move during the pandemic? Get a free quote from us today! Quick Moving Inc. is your trusted local moving company in Toronto that offers reliable and safe moving services at affordable prices. Our experienced movers follow all the COVID-19 safety guidelines and uphold the highest standard of care and safety. Our services are available in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

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