Relocating an office can be a costly and demanding task. You need to consider the moving expenses, cost of new fixtures and fittings, and the downtime that your business may inevitably experience due to the move. However, it also allows your company to streamline business operations and create an efficient workspace for your employees to increase profitability. But it’s easier said than done.

Here are some valuable tips for creating a clutter-free workspace when moving to a new office space:

Declutter your existing space

Many companies make the mistake of designing the new workspace according to old office equipment and furniture. Don’t be that company. Make sure you get a layout of your new commercial space and design a practical office floorplan that will best compliment your business and employees. Declutter your old office and shortlist the valuable items that you want to take to the new workspace. Sell or donate the rest of the stuff.

Take suggestions from employees

The objective of a clutter-free workspace is to maximize office productivity. We all know that happy and motivated employees and productive employees. Make sure to take their input into consideration when designing a new workspace. Do they like the open floor layout? Do they need a break room with a pool table? Do they need small conference rooms for meetings? It will give you a better idea to create an optimized layout for your business.

Implement a paperless system

In today’s digitalized business environment, everything is available online. You can introduce a paperless environment to avoid the need for printers and document storage spaces. It will allow you to get rid of bulky, large desks and replace them with modern, streamlined desks. Of course, you can always design a smart storage solution for important documents. This move will save you space and make your business eco-friendlier.

Discontinue magazines and newspapers

Gone are the days when people used to read magazines and newspapers in the waiting rooms. Everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, so feel free to discontinue magazines and newspaper services in your new office. You can provide free Wi-Fi access to guests and give your employees access to online eBook services like Amazon Kindle to avoid clutter in the office. Your employees and guests both will appreciate this move.

Work with professional movers

When moving to new office space, it’s essential that you partner with professional movers. Your existing office may have thousands of dollars worth of valuable assets and equipment. You need a reliable partner to transport them safely to your new workspace. The moving process must go smoothly so you can allocate your resources to revamping your new space rather than paying for repairs and replacement.

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