Packing - Toronto, ON

We’ll provide you with a seamless move from start to finish. Our services include residential moving, commercial moving, packing and storage.

Packing – Toronto & Surrounding Areas

Packing your items is an important step before moving. It’s important to wrap your items and organize them in a way that will save you time after the move.

If you don’t have time to pack your belongings, just let us know and we’ll give you a free estimate on our professional packing services in Toronto.

Our packerscan also help you with other aspects of the move, including storage and moving.

One Bedroom Packing

Our average one bedroom packing requires about 20-30 boxes
  • 10-15 Medium Boxes
  • 8-10 Large Boxes
  • 5 Extra Large Boxes
  • 2 Tape Rolls
  • 1 Bubble Wrap
  • Two Pros (1.5 Hours Minimum)

    Two Bedroom House Packing

    Our average two bedroom packing requires about 30-45 boxes
  • 15-20 Medium Boxes
  • 10-12 Large Boxes
  • 5-8 Extra Large Boxes
  • 3 Tape Rolls
  • 2 Bubble Wraps
  • Two Pros (2 Hours Minimum)

    Three Bedroom House Packing

    Our average three bedroom packing requires about 50-62 boxes
  • 25-30 Medium Boxes
  • 15-20 Large Boxes
  • 10-12 Extra Large Boxes
  • 3 Tape Rolls
  • 2 Bubble Wraps
  • Two Pros (3 Hours Minimum)

    Four Bedroom House Packing

    Our average four bedroom packing requires about 65-80 boxes
  • 30-40 Medium Boxes
  • 20-25 Large Boxes
  • 15 Extra Large Boxes
  • 4 Tape Rolls
  • 3 Bubble Wraps
  • Three Pros (3 Hours Minimum)

  • All boxes and packing materials are in stock
  • 10% off for all boxes and packing materials supplied and used by our team
  • Medium Boxes – $1.40 each

    Large Boxes – $1.90 each

    Extra Large Boxes – $2.40 each

    Moving Tape – $3.50 each

    Why You should choose us

    There is no shortage of moving companies in the Toronto area. However, it is important to do your research and pick a moving company that is responsible, reliable and professional. Our company has been helping people move for many years, and we have a record of satisfying our customers. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your residential move.

    Experienced Movers

    We’ve been helping families move into new homes for years. During that time, we’ve perfected our craft and established a loyal client base that relies on us for their moves.

    Great Customer Service

    The satisfaction of our customers is our main priority. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, please let us know and we’ll correct any issues.

    Attention to Detail

    We are very careful when we’re conducting our work. We’ll make sure that your items are not damaged or scratched during the moving process.

    Fair Pricing

    One of our core principles is to offer fair pricing for our customers. Our moving services are fair and affordable.


    Our insurance covers cargo liability for free for up to 60 cents per pound.

    Ready to book our services?

    If you’re ready to book our services, just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    By choosing Quick Moving Inc, you’re supporting a local small business that is fully committed to your satisfaction. We’ve been helping individuals and businesses move to new locations for years, and we’ve received positive feedback from many of our customers.

    Ready to start packing? Contact us for a free estimate

    This is the second time using Quick Moving Inc - and the service was excellent. Very friendly, and quick. Made my move so much easier. I would definitely recommend them for any move.


    Beverly Ng-See-Quan

    Wonderful company, I would recommend Quick Moving Inc. They were gentle with our furniture and moved in a timely manner from old home to new home in one morning.


    Arlene Van den Heuvel

    Recommend this company above any other. Professional in all aspects and you will be 100% satisfied using Quick Moving Inc.


    Margaret James

    From the start with the estimator to the amazing crew that did our move everything was great. They were friendly, professional and completed our entire move in an hour less than estimated! Everything went smooth, nothing broken at all and no dents in walls or issues at all! And all this on one of the hottest days of the summer. I would recommend these folks for your move.


    Gary Leinwand